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~ There is no love stronger than a mother’s love for her child ~


I think God knew I’d need this text after Chad was gone, and why only months before he died he sent this to me (I think talking into the phone). Although Chad was always thankful for the relationship we had, no, I wasn’t a perfect mom, but I loved the best any mom could love.

Chad was a wonderful son, considerate, loving, respectful, always wanting to make sure I was okay. He was such a good boy. I don’t ever remember having to scold him. Well, maybe a couple of times when he and his brother were squabbling. Actually, all my children were very well behaved. Chad deserved the very best in life; he gave so much; I pray that’s what he has now. God knew my heart would break into a million pieces; he knows everything, and yet decided to allow this burden. At this point I can only give it to Him.

Below is the first part of the text from above (he usually talked into the phone:

Heart like Paul