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~ October 2017 ~

I want to thank my publisher at this time because they have been so kind to me during this period.

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UPDATE: October 2017: For some time now I’ve been thinking about re-working September Wind and making it into two books. 2018.

Orphaned at birth in 1940, Emily lives the next eighteen years on her grandfather’sSeptember Wind farm with four thankless men and an indifferent aunt nearby. When the school board forces Grandfather’s hand and allows her to attend school, she experiences a beautiful friendship, and the thrill and pain of an innocent young love. Still, there is an underlying loneliness, and a secret she bears alone. 

In 1958, the day finally arrives when she prepares to leave the farm forever. Her plan begins with promise, driven by a need to find Samuel Dimsmoore, an old friend of her mother’s. Then a tragic mistake thrusts her into a harrowing run for her life. She escapes the horror and hops a train to San Francisco; her dream had always been to ride one of those iron beasts, and now that she’s on-board, guilt is her constant companion. Yet, with a heart of a warrior, and a fire in her belly, she fights for her sanity and welcomes the stirrings of a grown-up love. 

Emily arrives in San Francisco wide-eyed, and filled with hope. Although nothing happens as planned, and her search for Samuel Dimsmoore ends before it begins. Alone in a strange town, she is vulnerable to a world of crime and those who take advantage of her. Yet, with no one to count on but the rebel inside her, she never gives up even when each turn and every door opened greets 
her with another surprise.



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