A little about Kathleen

~ ~ ~

My true writing career began thirty some years ago while going through a valley, alone. I’ve come to believe that we all have a purpose in life, our path to walk. Though our choices create twists and turns, God is still in charge of the end result. Now that my middle son Chad died, the rest of my life is not lived for myself, but to leave his legacy, not only because he was my son, but because of his beautiful soul.

Bearing my feelings so openly is not something that’s natural for me, but my priorities have changed, I have changed. For most of my life I was unbearably shy until I spent time as a nurses aide where I came into my own. And so it’s here, journaling, where I found a home.

Like everyone else, Chad wasn’t perfect (almost), but as someone close to him told me a few years back, “He’s so loving, and forgiving.” That was Chad all the way. One of the things I loved and respected about him was that he admitted when he was wrong and was the first to say he was sorry. Now that takes a real man, and a person of integrity when it truly comes from the heart. Anyone who was ever loved by Chad was lucky to have felt the impact, as I was. There will never be anyone like him.

Pray for God’s guidance.