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The background picture is one my mother painted. She painted some beautiful pictures, but I especially love this one.

As of October 14, 2014 my life changed forever when my son Chad died. There are no words to describe the bitter pain that losing him has brought to me, and my family. My heart will go on breaking until the day I see him in Heaven. Who knew there was another world out there called, Grieving Parents.


Chad getting ready to play Elvis on Helloween

Chad was one of the most caring, giving, unselfish, supportive, hard-working men I know. I don’t normally like to use the word proud, but I am so very proud of who he was and what he represented. He was such a likeable, kind, funny, and handsome man who enjoyed life, but who also took some big losses.

He had some valleys in his short life, some real heartaches that crushed him. He has two other brothers who are just as wonderful as he was, but Chad is the one I worried about most.

He prayed earnestly that his stepchildren would come to know God. And I’m happy to know that a couple accepted Him as their savior.

Am I still going to write? Yes, a writer never stops writing. I’m working on about five projects one of which will involve Chad’s life. Praying, writing, and Christmas movies are what keeps me going.

For any parent who is grieving over the loss of a child, let me first say that I am so very sorry, and I know the pain you’re going through. There is no pain as great as losing a child.

Finding a grief group is very important. I’ve visited a few online and hearing the heartache of others makes us realize we’re not alone. Remember all the feelings you are experiencing are normal and you should never feel guilty about them. The most important thing you can have is a listening ear.

Here are a couple of groups I’ve checked out: (Also, a hospice group is something you may want to check out )



Christa Black is an incredible woman who lost a child in early 2014. A website of inspiration whether you’ve lost a child or not.                                    http://christablack.com